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Looking for a large scale 3D mold or model?

3D printing services in the Netherlands by Moulds and Models. Moulds and Models is specialized in large scale 3D models.As 3D printing services we are able to print your 3D design on a large scale for a fair price. We are able to print large scale 3D models to a size of 0,5 x 0,5 x 1 meter. The online 3D printing service is very easy to use. You can easily upload your 3D design to the configurator or mail it to us. Set the requirements of your 3D mold or 3D model and get a quote. We will start 3D printing after accepting the quote right away!

3D printing service for all 3D molds

Our online 3D printing services are able to offer engineering support by designing the 3D design.Our 3D printed models are typically used by architects, educational institutes, casters (polyurethane, cement/concrete, plastic, candle foundry) and for prototyping. To be able to upload your 3D printer designs, it is important to work with a STL or STEP file. Otherwise our configurator is not capable of detecting the 3D printer design. When everything is set, we will make sure the 3D printer model is printed and finished.

3D printed mold epoxy

Our 3D printing services offers cost efficient 3D printed molds

Our 3D printing services offers cost efficient 3D printed molds because we have our own developed material. When making a 3D printer design it is important to bear in mind that a mould is not just a negative of the 3D printer model. As 3D printing service we are able to help you in the proces of the 3D printer design. We are not just one of the 3D printing companies, if you want to know what makes us special then take a look at our homepage.

Important: We are not a 3D model maker, we are a 3D printing service. So, we are able to offer help but if you want to design a 3D model, it is recommended to ask a 3D modeler.

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3D printed mold epoxy