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Step 1


3D printer designs

Design and engineer your 3D model.

Step 2


Upload your 3D model or mold

Upload your 3D design to the configurator and send your requirements.

Step 3

3D Print

Cheap online 3D printing services

Everything is set? We will start the 3D printing process.

Step 4

Receive and Use

Online 3D printing services

Receive and use your designed 3D product!

Step 1

Design a printable 3D model

The first step in the 3D printing process is designing your product. To be able to upload your designed product to our configurator it is important to work with a STL or STEP file. Ensure the provided file contains a so-called water-tight 3D model and has the desired wall thickness. A mold has to account for processing- (filling, release angles and vents) and shrinkage of the material. 

We are able to support with the 3D printing design. Get in contact with one of our 3D printing engineers by clicking the link below.

In case you already have a designed 3D model and you are ready to upload your STL or STEP file, you can proceed to the the configurator by clicking “Upload 3D model”.

Step 2

Upload your 3D design

When you upload your 3D model to the configurator, our 3D print cost calculator will calculate an estimated price right away and you can request a quotation. In addition, you can also send the 3D model by mail. Once we have received your 3D model we will verify it. We will send a quotation when we have confirmed that the product meets all the requirements to 3D print. After you approve the quotation, we will start the 3D printing process!

Does your design not meet all the requirements? Please check if your 3D model complies with the design rules as described on our FAQ page or contact us.

For more information about the material, colour and coating, see ‘Step 3: Print’.

Step 3

Our 3D printing process

We use our own unique thermoset resin in the 3D printing process, named FRP3D. When we have finished printing the 3D model, we are able to apply a surface finish (sanding, polishing or painting in a particular colour). For a mold, typically a polished surface is recommended. You can select the surface finishes after you have uploaded a 3D model in the configurator.

For more information about the shipping of the product and applying release agents, see ‘Step 4: Receive and Use’.

Step 4

Receive and start using your 3D model

When the 3D printing process has completed, we will inform you and ship the molds or 3D models to your address.

Important: You have to apply the appropriate release agent. Our molds are resistant to solvents in most common waxes, semi-permanent and silicone-based release agents. When cleaning the mold, it is preferred to do this with milder solvents. Extended use of acetone and other solvents may decrease the lifetime of the mold.

For additional questions and comments, please click the link below for the ‘FAQ’ or contact with the customer service. We are pleased to help you!